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Beth King Secretarial Services

  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Contract Documentation Administration
  • Document Scanning
  • Documentation
  • General Office Administration
  • Job Resumes
  • Medical Secretarial Support Service
  • Presentation Skills

Contact Information

* Preparation of Resumes, job applications and responding to key selection criteria and providing advice on how to prepare and present for interview
* Word processing of various documents and publications, eg student assignments, book scripts, lease agreements, databases, letters and other
correspondence for both individuals and businesses
* Tape/audio transcription
* Preparing/updating price lists/catalogues
* Casual backfill for admin positions around town

Most of all, I love my work.
I pay attention to detail and love to produce quality work and help people succeed. I love to get those phone calls and messages when people are successful in gaining the position they had their heart set on.
I pay strict attention to maintaining strict confidentiality. As such I work on an 'appointment only' basis to ensure no cross-overs occur.


14 714 960 649