Why are good Return to Work and Injury Management programs important for business?

Return to Work professional and founder of Return to Work Plus - Return to Work Plus

Return to Work and Injury Management are something most people prefer to sweep under the carpet, or have an ‘if you ignore it, it will go away’ attitude. In reality, it won’t go away, it will fester until it becomes a big problem. Good Return to Work and Injury Management programs are vital to any business. Being proactive in the face of workplace injury can save your business thousands of dollars in hidden costs.
According to Worksafe Australia, workplace injury and incapacity costs the nation in excess of $61 billion annually, a huge portion of which is borne by the injured workers themselves through decreased or lost wages, treatment and medications. Then there are the non-financial costs for both employer and injured worker, including decreased productivity and morale, absenteeism, presenteeism and the injured worker becoming deconditioned or worse, detached.
Having a full team at work is good for everyone. Prolonged periods of time away from work can lead to an increase in sedentary activities, which often leads to overeating and possible anxiety and depression. Just the simple act of getting ready for work is hugely beneficial in aiding both physical and mental recovery and can greatly improve a person’s outlook.
Research shows many employees report they are happier when they are at work because it improves health and wellbeing. Supporting and assisting injured workers return to work after injury sounds simple when really, it can get quite complicated. Having good Return to Work and Injury Management programs in place can reduce the complications and make the return to work process a lot smoother. A good start can be as simple as reaching out to an injured worker and letting them know you fully support them. You could also offer an alternate role for the duration of their recovery. These simple gestures can greatly ease any anxiety about returning to work, get workers buy in and build trust in the return to work process. Setting up good Return to Work and Injury Management programs will save your business and your workers a lot of time, money and heartache down the track.
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Tennille Gould

Return to Work professional and founder of Return to Work Plus - Return to Work Plus

I am the founder of Return to Work Plus, a business aimed at inspiring people to go beyond their injuries to live their best life possible.
I have a background in Rehabilitation Counselling and Nursing and have spent several years as the Return to Work Coordinator for one of Victoria's leading regional health providers. I have an incredible ability to relate to people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicity and am well knowledged in the Victorian Worksafe system.
I make value driven decisions to ensure the best outcome every time.

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