The Country Pub Project by Airbnb

Pubs have always played a vital role in country communities. The hospitality they offer is second to none. But declining populations and waning tourism have put country pubs under threat. They need more guests—and Airbnb know plenty of them.

They are partnering with rural communities to return 5 of Australia’s favourite pubs, and most-loved publicans, back to their former glory.

Each of the five pubs will be allocated a grant of up to $50,000 and a team of design professionals, and each publican will be paired with a host to help them list on Airbnb.

The Airbnb community will be encouraged to venture off the beaten track and stay in a room above a country pub. And with every visit to small-town Australia, travellers will gain something in return—a reminder of the joy of slowing down and finding time to do not much at all.

No matter which side of the bar you’re found, if you’ve got a favourite country pub, Airbnb would love to hear about it. From quirky rituals to colourful characters to all that makes your town so incredibly unique.